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Working for a world renowned BPO leader, the Human Resources Manager will lead a team of Generalists, Specialists, and Coordinators to meet the needs of our BPO site in Athens. This includes training the team to deliver a high level of service to employees, establishing policies and initiatives to educate employees on benefits, managing payroll, and responding to employee relations issues. 

The HR Manager will proactively identify solutions that will enhance bottom line results and improve employee related gross margin. 

Key Performance Objectives 
1.Understand all key business initiatives and goals in their supported business unit. This includes growth strategies, additions of new lines of business and clients, off-shoring initiatives, and any other substantive changes in the business model or organizational structures supporting the model. The HR Manager actively implements strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. They meet with site leaders regularly to identify challenges and problems that can be addressed by Human Resources and assist the HR Director(s) to develop a strategy and organize the team to respond to these challenges. (Business acumen, knowledge of HR strategies and issues, strategic thinking, vision) 

2.Deliver human resources solutions to challenges affecting the success of the business. In conjunction with the Operations Leaders and the HR Director, the HR Manager develops plans to support each strategic initiative. Initiatives will vary by business unit based on strategic goals. Focus areas may include change management, turnover reduction, improved employee relations, management development, process reengineering, compensation restructuring, employee transition plans, or any other HR support necessary to meet business goals. Plans must be flexible to adapt to our company’s dynamic environment. HR Managers act as a productive member of the HR project team delivering work in a professional and timely manner. They help HR Directors to get buy-in from key leaders and managers on each initiative and enlist support to fund and implement HR plans. (Strategic planning, budgeting, persuasion and influence, partnership, project management, collaboration) 

3.Improve the key success metrics. 

These include: 
  • Employee Related Gross Margin 
  • Site Attrition 
  • Employee engagement measurements 
  • HR response times to employee impacted items with cost implications 
  • We hear you (WHY) resolutions 

HR Managers gather information, analyze data, observe the process, and lead the effort to constantly improve HR process and business performance. This includes challenging conventional thinking about every aspect of the HR process. Recommended changes must be monitored and measured to ensure bottom-line impact to the business. HR Managers are expected to use Human Resources Manager Performance Profile technology to track successes, analyze data, determine ROI, and create a compelling business case to convince management to invest in specific HC process improvements. (Data analysis, ROI calculations, persuasion, problem solving)

4.Develop a “Trusted Advisor" relationship with key leaders at multiple levels within each supported business unit. HR Managers prove their value by anticipating the people issues associated with business decisions and developing solutions with leaders. They resolve problems quickly, providing council and advice to help leaders avoid potential problems and issues related to employees. This role includes coaching and influencing team leaders to make wise decisions that are compatible with sound human resources and business practices. HR Managers offer clear and objective alternatives and work with the team to help implement solutions. (High integrity, persuasion, credibility) 

5.Provide regular reporting and updates to the site leadership team on status and progress of all HR initiatives. Create and communicate daily, weekly, and ad hoc update reports on the status of each initiative and all human resources issues. Identify and communicate any potential problems or challenges as they surface. Respond to requests for information and updates from the leadership team within 24 hours. Maintain a high level of customer service to all stakeholders and fully integrate the HR team into the operations team. Communicate changes in priorities and direction to the Human Resources team as received from the site leadership teams. (E-mail, positive and timely communication, directness, flexibility) 

6.Motivate, hire, and retain an outstanding Human Capital team. This includes hiring outstanding Generalists, Specialists, and Coordinators. Develop or engage training resources to improve team capabilities, establish individual development plans, and provide one-on-one coaching to individual team members. (Interviewing, sourcing and judgment, staff development, coaching) 

7.Create a friendly, welcoming environment for employees when approaching Human Resources with questions, ideas, or concerns. Set goals and metrics with the team around customer service. Monitor progress towards goals. Train the team to deliver high quality customer service. Give honest and direct feedback to the team based on sound knowledge and judgment. (Openness, honesty, trust, keeping confidential information private) 

8.Ensure compliance with all local human resource laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, hostile work environment, labor laws, and any other adverse impact laws. HR Managers are expected to be experts in the application of local labor laws, regulations, and company, in-house policies within Greece and the EU. Actively stay updated on new regulations through personal study, and through attendance at HR conferences, webinars, and internal trainings. Proactively coach and instruct employees and Generalists to legally resolve conflicts and administer required programs. Train service delivery leaders to understand our company’s Human Resources Manager Performance Profile, obligations and corporate policies with respect to working with employees so they can become  confident in their dealings with employees. (Specific knowledge of local laws and regulations, judgment, coaching and training, accountability) 

9.Ensure 100% compliance with, and implementation of, HR technology and programs within a specific geographic location. This includes managing the teams that administer benefit programs and compensation, as well as enter data and create reports in Oracle, Kronos, Taleo, and other In-House HR systems. Ensure that each program is administered accurately and fairly and that all data is 100% accurate. Capture appropriate data on time and in compliance with legislation and best practice. (Leadership, broad understanding of technology resources, setting standards) 

10.Prevent / minimize the number and severity of employment claims made against the business. Deliver outstanding employee relations/benefits customer service. Treat all employees as customers. Deal with serious problems before they escalate to a formal legal process. In partnership with our legal counsel, personally manage the legal process including preparing documentation, conducting interviews, and preparing for meetings with courts and attorneys. (Legal documentation, fairness, attention to detail, customer service) 

11.Assists the Talent Acquisition team during periods of intense hiring goals. This includes conducting interviews, administering testing, extending offers, and helping administer the hiring processing with candidates during intense hiring goals. (Interviewing, urgency, judgment) 

Basic Qualifications 
  • Prior experience managing a Human Resources team 
  • Motivate a team to achieve aggressive goals under tight deadlines 
  • Working knowledge of Taleo, Excel, and other recruitment and HRIS technology 
  • Ability to influence others by example, coaching, and mentoring 
  • Strong e-mail and oral communication skills 
  • High level of integrity and judgment 
  • Ability to manage multiple on-going projects 

  • Previous call center experience 
  • Previous experience supporting 500+ employee population 
  • Behavioral Interviewing Certification. 
  • Process improvement certification (white belt or above) 

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Human Resources Manager

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