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Uni Systems, founded in 1964, is a long standing strategic ICT partner to Financial institutions, Public organizations, Telecom operators and enterprises in the European region. The Company provides integrated ICT solutions and value added services to numerous clients across geographies and industries. With over 500 highly specialised professionals and subsidiaries in Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania, UniSystems prides itself in its exceptional reliability and success record, while continues substantial investment in its international perspective.

Human Resources

The Human perspective in technology

Our people are our most valuable strategic assets. Over the past 50 years, our knowledgeable, highly-trained and experienced workforce has made Uni Systems a leading and reliable systems integrator. Uni Systems’ working environment attracts and keeps young talented professionals with high educational and business background. The experience gained working in Uni Systems is highly appreciated by the market in general, offering to our people pride and recognition.

Keeping our people happy working with us, is keeping our Company successful. Uni Systems’ personnel operates in an environment of innovation and creativity; where the constant flow of ideas is  encouraged and thinking out-of -the-box is appreciated. Our top human resource priority is the continual education and investment in our people. In return, we expect passion and commitment to our company. The education includes: technology certifications, vendor briefings, participation in major global technology or business events, web-based training, internal seminars, internal know-how transfer and on-the job training, external seminars and educational programs, mini custom MBA’s, subsidy of own training. The educational emphasis is on technology, business expertise and, soft-skills development.

More info for our company can be found at  http://www.unisystems.com/

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