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SABO S.A., a Greek company, was founded in 1984 by Mr. Dimitris Kiliaris and is one of the leading companies and major manufacturer of specialized machinery and supplier of turn-key plants and solutions for the Brick and Tile Industry as well for other several industrial sectors around the globe. Located in Vassiliko - Evia, in a privately owned 25.000 m2 area.

The overwhelming majority of machineries that SABO is selling are manufactured in facilities in Greece with its own personnel. The company has select to manufacture using mainly its own resources instead of using subcontractors in order to maintain better control in the quality of its products and to provide better and more effective after sales service.

It is the eldest member of SABO Group, a group of companies with strong international presence, which has been structured to create synergies for maximum compatibility and efficiency in offering complete and integrated projects.

With subsidiaries companies in Brazil, Romania, Italy and specialized employees from multiple sectors of expertise, each member of the group specializes in a specific area, creating vertical production lines for services in sectors such as the Brick & Tile, General Industry, Waste, Waste Water, Energy, Civil Works, etc.

SABO Group offers nothing less than the most superior quality in materials, equipment and human resources.

The history of SABO starts in 1984, when installs the first automation for the brick and tile industry.

In 1990, was rewarded with its first project outside Greece in Algeria.

In 1994, the General Industry sector illustrates its presence by designing its first automation system. At the same time moves ahead by expanding its operations in Heavy Industry sector, installing raw materials conveying and stocking systems.

In 2000, the first oil burner is being constructed and 6 years later gas burners take over a high proportion of SABO’s production, starting from a first project in Slovakia. In 2005, the first robot has been installed, starting a new era of projects.

In 2009, SABO expands its activities in the Environmental Sector. The start was made in the Renewable Energy Sources’ field by giving birth to SABO Energy, which was later renamed as SABO Environmental. Taking advantage of the technical know-how and the already set production line, SABO started producing and installing its first solar farms in 2010.

In 2014, SABO Environmental expands its activities in the Waste Management field, targeting to become a worldwide market leader in manufacturing of solid waste and wastewater treatment equipment/machinery.

After 27 years from the first project outside Greece, the activity and presence of SABO expanded in more than 50 countries and nowadays 97.5% of the company’s sales are exclusively in exports into markets such as East and Central Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

SABO’s list of clients continues to grow with new collaborations, as the company is focused on serving clients with the same principles and quality to all the aforementioned markets.

Continuous development in all domains and a quest for new challenges comprises the core of the firm’s mentality.


34002 Vassiliko-Halkida-Evia-GREECE
++30 22210 51805-8
++30 22210 51809

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