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Founded in 1990, Profile Software is a leading international solutions provider for the Banking and Investment Management industry. The company has presence in Europe, the Middle East, America, Asia and Africa delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups and established banking & finance institutions, through direct communication or a reliable partners network. 

International Recognition

Through its continuous product enhancements and implementations, Profile Software has been recognised by global media and well-known industry research firms. The company has been included in Aite group, Celent, IBS Intelligence, Forrester research and the Gartner report to name a few. The company and its products have been awarded and nominated by international organisations such as Global Banking and Finance Review, Goodacre, World Finance, City of London Awards, FS tech, Bobsguide, etc. Following a sophisticated business plan and an advanced R&D strategy, the company has accomplished remarkable growth over the past few years, with compelling expansion, new international clients and innovative value-added products.

Growth Through People

Profile Software has grown with the support, expertise and professionalism of its staff - both the management team and its partners. The company demonstrated robust financial performance throughout its years of operations maintaining its vision and its international presence with its loyal clientele and of course its skillful personnel. Being recognized as a trustworthy partner and expert in the financial services software domain, our clients rest assured that our company always strives to deliver exceptional quality platforms that can be customised to suit their requirements.

Truly Innovative Approach

Investing heavily in its product development, in an ever-changing and demanding marketplace, Profile Software has delivered the first mobile application for Wealth Managers, the first marketplace lending system that combines banking, risk and investment management functionality in a customisable environment. Furthermore, cloud technology is fully 

Incorporated into our software, following industry security standards, advanced functionality and customisable designs to make it user-friendly across all devices, delivering both effective and cost-efficient operations. Profile Software is an ISO-certified company..

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