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OpenBet is the industry-leading Sportsbook platform from SG Digital. OpenBet is utilised and trusted by leading Sportsbook operators across the globe, with its scale and performance world-renowned. OpenBet broke new records at the 2018 Grand National, where it processed more than 34 million bets across all channels, and over 220 million account transactions were handled during the three days of this year’s festival. 

SG Digital - The digital arm of Scientific Games employs more than 1,500 individuals at 30+ locations around the globe ensuring 24-hour customer service. Driven by the creative talent of nine-game studios, highly skilled development centres and an expanding product technology and our proven robust sportsbook platform; SG Digital offers customers market-leading products and services tailored for their players.

Focused on speed to market execution combined with our technical expertise, SG Digital ensures our customers capitalize on all regulated market opportunities.

Welcome to SG Digital!

If you would like to have more information about our company, please have a look to our website and our LinkedIn page.

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Software Engineer Amarousio
Senior Software Engineer Μαρούσι
Senior C++ Developer Μαρούσι
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