ICAP GROUP - Recruitment

Who we are

ICAP Group is the largest Business Services Group in Greece, with offices in five cities. In addition, the Group is expanding dynamically in the Southeastern Europe Region, having already strong subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Βosnia & Herzegovina and Cyprus.

As of the beginning of 2007, ICAP Group's strong majority shareholder is the SEEF fund of Global Finance, the largest private equity firm in Southeastern Europe, while Coface, one of the world's largest Credit Insurers and Business Information providers, is its minority shareholder.

ICAP Group is rapidly developing into a multidisciplinary service provider and its Vision is to be the most successful Business Services group in Southeastern Europe and its clients’ top choice, providing innovative solutions and diversification. Our mission is embodied through the words “Your Business Partner” which mark our corporate communication.

Our Values

  • We focus on our clients
  • We are effective
  • We convert knowledge to value
  • We innovate
  • We care about our people and society

Our Group Services

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Credit Risk Services
  • Management Consulting
  • People and Employment Solutions

People and Employment Solutions

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Training Solutions
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Executive Search and Selection

ICAP Executive Search & Selection specializes in assessing and recruiting Senior to Middle level Executives as well as Professionals with rare skills.

We undertook our first recruitment project in the Greek market in 1973. Forty-two (42) years later, we are the fastest growing recruitment consultancy in South-Eastern Europe, within the top-5 premium executive search consultancies in Greece.

Headquartered in Athens and employing twenty-two (22) highly skilled consultants, our proprietary network extends to:

  • Five (5) Countries, i.e. Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus
  • Nine (9) local offices, i.e. Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras, Heraklion, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Nicosia

Even in countries where we do not maintain wholly-owned subsidiaries, our exclusive partnership with INAC, one of the global leading Executive Search Networks present in 40 countries, allows us to undertake recruitment projects globally.

Our aim is to be the partner of choice to a selected group of leading organizations ranging from highly-reputable multinational organizations to successful and ambitious local companies.

Our core value is that our clients come first. We pride ourselves on our tenacity to get the job done, our relentless passion to delight customers and candidates alike and our unblemished code of ethics.

Our professionalism and commitment to perform our delicate and composite role in the best possible way, allow us to successfully Shape Career and Companies!

Recruitment Solutions

ICAP Recruitment Solutions can provide suitable candidates for entry and junior level personnel to meet various needs, especially in departments with a high turnover.

We specialize in:

  • Assessment and recruitment of graduates and entry level professionals
  • High-volume recruitment even in cases of short periods of time
  • Multilingual recruitment (German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Arabic speakers etc.)
  • Fields of IT, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, HR, and Customer Service
  • Recruitment Support (Ad-hoc support in specific steps of the recruitment process):
    • Advertising and cv screening
    • Direct candidate approach through database search
    • Psychometric and Ability Testing
    • Shortlist Evaluation
    • On-site Recruitment Services
    • Exit Interviews

What ICAP Recruitment Solutions guarantees to each Client

  • Dedicated team for each project
  • Functional and sectoral expertise
  • Solid methodology
  • Large database of more than 100.000 candidates
  • Hotlists with already assessed candidates
  • Minimum short-list response time

Staffing Solutions

ICAP Employment Solutions is distinguished for its consistency in offering services that add real value to customers. With more than 2.200 employees working at our clients’ premises, we offer temporary staffing and outsourcing solutions integrated services that cover short or long term needs with specialized workforce. Our customers come from the Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Tourism, Retail, Information Technology and Health sectors.

ICAP Employment Solutions has been successfully operating since 1999 with branch offices in five Greek cities and has a strong presence in Southeastern Europe with subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Cyprus, offering end to end recruitment solutions.

Our specialized recruitment consultants undertake to carry out the whole recruitment cycle, covering seasonal needs as well as permanent needs of projects and departments which are described as Commercial Staffing, Professional and Technical Specialties

ICAP Employment Solutions provides leading workforce solutions, through the following stages:

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Assessment & Selection
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

ICAP Employment Solutions has a proven record of successful recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and customized recruitment projects, delivering best practices into the businesses we support.

ICAP Employment Solutions is committed to providing high quality services to meet our clients’ needs, offering full end to end RPO, or recruitment solutions (sourcing, screening, assessments, offer management, exit interviews etc.).

Human Capital Consulting

Combining our extensive knowledge of the Greek business environment with the assessment methodologies and psychometric tools of our world-renowned partners (Hogan Assessments, Cut-e, Kenexa), we offer customized services in all areas of:

Human Resources Management

  • Performance Management
  • Reward Management
  • Corporate Culture Development

Talent Management

  • Talent assessment
  • Assessment Centers
  • Executive Assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Ability Tests
  • 360° feedback
  • Talent Developing
  • Management Teams
  • Outplacement Services

Training Solutions

ICAP Training Solutions in Greece, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria represent Huthwaite International, one of the world’s leading training companies specializing in Sales and Customer relations management. Special Huthwaite training programs, widely known as powerful boosters of a company’s sales force and marketing people capacity, include:

  • Account Strategy for Major Sales
  • Negotiations
  • Receivables Management
  • PITCH Maximizing Telesales
  • Effective Coaching Skills


The SPIN® Selling is the world’s most widely-used and successful model for consultative sales. The SPIN® Suite is the next step forward in the provision of a total solution built around that Huthwaite best practice.

Persuasive Sales Presentations - Ideal for every professional involved in presentations, the course covers topics such as Structuring, Techniques to Engage Audience, Communication Techniques, Body Language - Handling of difficult audience, Preparation of Presentations.

Other specialized programs - Utilizing our long experience and knowledge of the local market, we identified the need of some greatly specialized but highly effective training programs that help companies achieve results in today’s challenges. Such programs include:

  • Receivables Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Market Access in the pharmaceutical market

Outsourcing Services

ICAP Employment Solutions proves a variety of outsourcing services for full time, part time, temporary or permanent needs of your organization offering a full service line which includes:

  • The sourcing and recruitment of personnel, which has been previously defined to meet the needs not only of the position but of the organization as well
  • Preparing and signing of employment contracts
  • Submitting relevant paperwork to public authorities
  • Calculating and carrying out payroll
  • Providing full staff administrative services to both employees and clients

Benefits of Outsourcing Services

  • Cost Reduction & Control
  • Expertise available in a short period of time
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Simplification of administrative tasks
  • Efficient personnel management

Payroll Services

ICAP Employment Solutions fully undertakes to efficiently and effectively calculate and carry out the payroll processes of your organization, offering compliance to the labor law, confidentiality, accuracy of results and cost control.

Experienced consultants are dedicated to each project, undertaking full responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations and the compliance with the legal authorities.

Through the outsourcing of payroll, the cost of this function is controlled accurately and is reduced, since ICAP Employment Solutions undertakes the updated of the IT infrastructure and continuous training of personnel on labor law issues.

ICAP Employment Solution monitors, records and controls the working hours of each employee, providing the following services:

Payroll Calculation

  • The working hours of each employee are recorded every month on a timesheet, which is approved by our client
  • Regular audits are conducted by our consultants
  • Payment of the personnel is deposited on the desired, by our client, date
  • Employee expenses are monitored and approved by both our consultants and our client
  • Monitoring and recordkeeping of employees’ leave
  • Submitting overtime declarations to labor authorities and  payroll records
  • Electronic payslips are sent to employees on a monthly basis

Reporting and Forecasting

  • Invoices are issued on a monthly basis, referring to the services rendered within the specific month. They are accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the cost of services provided, facilitating cost control
  • Analytical periodical declarations are prepared and submitted to the social security authorities
  • Reports are produced based on the needs of each client

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

ICAP Employment Solutions acts as a true business partner, creating and delivering solutions with predictable results that enable companies to focus on their operational functions and strategic business needs.

ICAP Employment Solutions is the exclusive representative of the international outsourcing provider NorthgateArinso in Greece. NorthgateArinso is a leading global Human Resources software and services provider offering innovative HR business solutions to employers of all sizes, including global Fortune 500 companies and many public sector organizations.

NorthgateArinso helps HR executives optimize their HR service delivery through smarter processes and more efficient technology, supporting key HR areas like workforce administration, payroll, benefits, recruitment, learning, and talent management.

NorthgateArinso’s 8,000 employees in 35 countries are dedicated to delivering HR excellence through HR consulting, HR outsourcing and HR technology.

Possessing considerable experience in Outsourcing Services we undertake (on a Service Level Agreement basis) corporate functions such as:

  • Payroll Outsourcing Management
  • Document Scanning & Management
  • Data entry
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Sales projects and marketing campaigns
  • SAP HR applications, through the strategic partnership that ICAP has established with NorthgateArinso
  • Organization and operation of customer service department
  • Staffing events

The procedure for the BPO services is as follows:

  • The process that is to be undertaken is recorded
  • The parameters of the process are defined, so to ensure its autonomy
  • Staffing needs are covered, as well as equipment needs, when and if necessary

As the benefits of BPO practices emerge (process automation, operation cost reduction), companies are enabled to move their resources to most efficient tasks. The organization’s results increase leading to new and innovative BPO uses.

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