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Dialog Semiconductor


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Εταιρική Παρουσίαση

Dialog Semiconductor is a world-leading provider of low-power, advanced mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Our products support a wide range of applications, including wearables, smart home appliances, connected medical devices, automotive applications, wireless audio, haptics feedback and the industrial IoT.

Our semiconductor-based solutions are offered as standard, configurable and custom products to provide customers with the highest degree of flexibility for differentiating their own products and accelerating their time-to-market. Certified to Industrial and Automotive grade quality standards, Dialog’s ICs empower customers to develop the next generation of devices that are enhancing consumer product functionality, accelerating the pace of innovation and powering the smart connected future.

Dialog has a renowned reputation for flexible, dynamic support and world-class innovation. We are a socially responsible employer pursuing programs that benefit our employees, stakeholders and community, and are backed by world-class manufacturing partners. Those leading electronics manufacturers and suppliers trust Dialog to deliver, thanks to our decades of experience as an established business partner in the rapid development of custom ICs.

Why join us?

Powering the Smart Connected Future

We leverage our talent and technology capability drive growth within our existing and new customer partnerships.​

We recruit globally for the most talented people, identify centers of engineering talent and build our business around them. We now operate from over 30 locations in 15 countries and our global workforce continues to increase with diverse talent.

Innovative products for world-class customers

We work with some of the best household and industry names in the world, and Dialog Semiconductor’s chips are found in an impressive range of everyday products. Dialog has consistently invested a healthy percentage of its revenue into R&D, to ensure our technology offering remains competitive, attractive and forward-focused. Our growing customer base appreciates that we provide flexible and dynamic support, world-class innovation, and the assurance of working with an established business partner.

Delivering consistent, profitable and long-term growth

Dialog Semiconductor has achieved an impressive record in all the key financial measures, and has been one of the fastest growing European public semiconductor companies. Our healthy pipeline of innovative standard and custom products underlines our confidence in the continuation of this growth.

International in every sense

It’s remarkable how Dialog Semiconductor has expanded over the years, and our employees work in a variety of locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Our employees come from an exciting range of nationalities – currently over 50 different ones - providing a truly multi-cultural mix. This strong vein of internationalism means we can also offer our employees the opportunity to work in different locations, giving them the chance to experience other worlds and cultures.