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Who we are

Digerati Group is a motley collection of technology experts, headquartered in downtown Chicago, Illinois. With a background in enterprise-level IT support and management, as well as the ever-evolving realm of web development and digital marketing, we understand the intricacies of the digital multiverse. Our talented and diverse teams, whom we affectionately moniker, “Tech Heroes,” are primed to be your premier, full-service technology providers.

What we do

Our products and services are multifaceted. Hardware, software, network management, web development, design, and marketing are all within our wheelhouse. We solve problems, manage your technology with 24/7/365 support, and build out and manage the digital side of your business. Click on one of the following services to learn more about our expertise!

Our Journey

Our expansion over recent years has landed us on the Inc. Magazine 5000 list of fastest growing companies! Digerati Group was formed in 2000, beginning as a consulting firm and procurer of technology products. In 2007, Digerati Group launched its online technology superstore,, which provides thousands of products including hardware, software, and accessories. In 2009, our Support+ managed services platform was launched, which provides proactive, ongoing, unlimited support for a flat monthly fee. And in 2015, Digerati Group acquired Lumia Marketing Agency, a thriving agency with expertise in web development, design, content, SEM, and analytics, further expanding our capabilities and offerings.

Digerati Group has a proven record of accomplishment, placing us as one of the leading technology companies in the Midwest. We’re excited to continue to provide our clients with the best of the best in full-service technology solutions!

Our People

We believe in the power of technology. We believe in creativity, teamwork, dedication, and constant learning. Yes, every company says that...but we live it. Here at Digerati Group, Technology is constantly changing, and we push ourselves and each other to thrive at the forefront of innovation.

Our Teams


Our engineers excel in a wide range of IT services, making up our team of tech heroes. From proactive managed services and cloud-based solutions, to specializations across multiple industries and certification training, this team redefines information technology for the modern world.


Emphasizing flawless functionality, our web development and design team have been nationally recognized for their innovative projects and custom applications. As 1 of 40 Shopify Plus Experts in the world, our team creates engaging, responsive, user-friendly websites.


Our marketing team specializes in boosting brands and businesses through strategic, integrated solutions. As Google Partners, we take pride in optimized, data-focused digital marketing and love to see our clients' success.


With a variety of specializations and services, our sales team is vital to the success of Digerati Group. Drive new opportunities and grow our thriving organization while working with some of the world's top companies.