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The company was founded in 1989 with the vision to make a significant impact on the way people work, by creating innovative software solutions.

We focus on a small number of banking products and provide solutions with exceptional value. To achieve this, our Financial Suite (EFS) combines superior functionality and knowhow offering at the same time unique implementation times and ROI. EXUS invests significant effort and resources in its Financial Suite having invested only during the last year more than 2,100,000 Euros in R&D.

Our corporate management system is mainly based on EFQM's Excellence Model principles and ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

Over the years, EXUS has received a large number of awards and industry recognition and has a close partnership with global software technology providers such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Our teams comprised of both technical experts with deep knowledge of our products and experienced project managers and analysts with many years of business experience pride themselves in finishing projects on-time and on-budget. At EXUS we help our people to achieve excellent results, by creating one of the best workplaces.
At EXUS...

…… we are convinced that our success, achievements and continuous progress depend on our people. Therefore we strive to employ the best and partner with the best and at the same time we offer them all the necessary working conditions. This is our philosophy for success.
As a result of this philosophy we have been recognised several times (in 2009, 2008 and 2005) as one of the "Best Companies to Work for" in Greece. At the end of 2007 EXUS has also been distinguished in the competition "The best 5 companies in providing Equal Opportunities", that had been organized in Greece at that time. Another proof of our expressive interest in the effective management of our staff is to provide equal opportunities to all concerning work conditions and career development, regardless of sex and also try to maintain a sound balance between work and personal life.

…… we encourage people to be creative and take initiatives, in order to be able to contribute to the company's growth.

…… we believe training to be part of the core development strategy of EXUS. The company's modern management practices and cutting edge technology mean that only by keeping our entire staff trained, informed and equipped with up-to-date skills, can we offer our clients the reliable and effective solutions they need.

…… we offer a friendly, pleasant and above all creative working environment that serves to foster team-spirit and cooperation. Our offices are situated near the Athens-Panormou Metro Station (Mesogeion Avenue 73-75).

…… we offer competitive and attractive salaries and benefits. At EXUS effort and ability never go unrewarded.