Recruiter & Project Coordinator
Hiring Solutions • GR-Athens • 1/8/2019

JOB DESCRIPTION is willing to expand its team with a Recruiter - Project Coordinator.
Recruiting Events possess a big part of kariera's yearly activity and we are really proud to organize
events such as Career Days, Developers Day and Coding School.
Our goal is to facilitate the IT Market and this is the reason that we created Developers Day and Coding School.

Developers Day

Developer Day is a day fully dedicated to Developers. Participants have the opportunity to take part in interesting workshops, meet well known instructors and get in touch with in biggest IT Companies in Greece.

Coding School

Coding School is an educational program which enriches the participants with all the necessary IT and Soft Skills in order to upgrade their working status.

The program is based on live courses from Senior Developers, Team Working on groups of five and hands on experience on real life projects.

As Project Coordinator of Developers Day and Coding School you will have to communicate with all the stakeholders, facilitate them and last but not least it's your responsibility to run and optimize the recruiting process of the events.

We aim to provide the best services and unique experiences to all stakeholders and we are succeeding in this by analyzing their needs, by planning accordingly to our strategy and by treating everyone uniquely.

In we value character the most, the company is based in the team work, fun is really important for our mentality and we believe that only the pack can survive in the long winter.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with Coding School Stakeholders (Companies, Academic & Tech Directors, Instructors, Candidates etc.
  • Communicate with Developers Day Stakeholders (Companies, Instructors, Hosting Place, Candidates etc.)
  • Prepare, Test, Run and Optimize the recruiting process for both events
  • Cooperate with Marketing and Project Manager
  • Take Part in the yearly Events Projection
  • Observe and analyze the Evaluation Process

What we are looking for
  • Project Management Experience
  • Human Resources Background and/or IT (Bachelor or Master Degree)
  • Business Mindset
  • Developed Communication Skills
  • Proven Adaptability Skills
  • Data Driven Personality
  • Familiarity with the IT Sector (nice to have)

Reports to
Business Manager



Employment Type: Πλήρης Απασχόληση
Job Type: Πλήρης Απασχόληση
Education: Αδιάφορο
Experience: Κανένα
Manages Others: Αδιάφορο
Required Travel: Αδιάφορο
Job ID: 866/669
«Θα ήθελα να σας ευχαριστήσω στο για την άμεση ανταπόκρισή σας ώστε να βρεθεί μια καινούργια θέση εργασίας για μένα. Ιδιαίτερα ευχαριστώ θερμά τη Δήμητρα η οποία μετά από την αποστολή του βιογραφικού μου ενδιαφέρθηκε αμέσως και με επαγγελματισμό. Επικοινώνησε κατευθείαν μαζί μου με μία ιδιαίτερα ικανοποιητική πρόταση στον εργασιακό χώρο η οποία κατέληξε θετικά για μένα. Ευχαριστώ πολύ!»
Φωτεινή Σαπουνάκη

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