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About Us
Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation products and services, trusted by more than 6.000 companies worldwide.

With 10 years in the software automation market, Softomotive offers the most reliable and scalable RPA solutions, bridging the gap between best-of-breed technology and unparalleled ease of use.

Softomotive automation solutions are proven to deliver operational efficiency, reduce costs and exposure to risks, drive compliance and empower brands.

The company is trusted by leading worldwide organizations, including Siemens, Vodafone, Xerox, and IBM, to deliver operational efficiency, drive performance excellence and go beyond automation to realizing organizations’ true workforce potential.
Our team
Each and everyone of us lives to build your business.

We talk automation. Our team is comprised of smart, savvy information technology architects and industry experts that value efficiency and true business transformation.

Passionate about innovation, Softomotive team helps the world’s leading brands to improve operational performance, increase impact, strengthen brand awareness and drive more sales by leveraging best-of-breed, robust automation software.
Make Use Of Best-of-Breed Technology

Get ready for the technology that actually works!

“Softomotive completed my processes in 22 minutes!  The prior company created a program that took roughly 4 hours and most of the time the program failed. Thanks for your work!”

James D. Murray, President

JDM Wealth Management, LLC

Softomotive automation solutions are non intrusive and fully extensible. Requiring no infrastructure changes, they work with existing enterprise applications (ERPs, CRMs, Remote Desktop and much more) and enable effortless collaboration.

Softomotive leverages the most secure and reliable technologies available to operate in a stable and scalable environment.

Windows .Net

SQL server.

WCF flexible communication framework

TCP/IP robust networking protocols

Kerberos authentication

Active Directory

Process recording capabilities built on UI Automation Technology

OCR powered by Microsoft MODI engine