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The company was initially incorporated in 2005 under the name VCI as an Innovation Incubator. With a management buyout in 2012, Motivian absorbed all commercial-focused businesses and concentrated in providing Integrated Software Solutions in the SE European region, as well as in the Middle East. Since then, the company functions as a trusted software integrator serving customers in the financial services, telecom operator markets, retail and FMCG, and in the government sector. Motivian employs more than 80 people, with high-level university degrees and significant professional experience in Greece and abroad. The company also participates in many EU Research & Development projects along with Academic and enterprise partners.

Motivian is a trustworthy technology services provider for prominent organizations. Based on team’s extensive business expertise, Motivian develops innovative software solutions, which it combines with versatile services in order to drive long term growth & operational excellence of customers.

Motivian is serving the following market segments:
Financial Services Institutions (FSI)
Telecom Operators
Private Sector Large Enterprises
The company was founded in 2005.
Operates in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, SE Europe, and the Middle East.

Motivian also develops innovative products and services, participating in European Research & Development Programs in cooperation with universities, research institutions and other companies.


For more information please visit our website
9-11 Ethnikis Antistaseos, 15232 Chalandri , Athens TEL: +30 213 0186800 FAX: +30 213 0186888 EMAIL: