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Ikos Resorts

Beauty. Elegance. Distinctive experiences. Serenity, pleasure and spending time with your loved ones. Warmth, luxurious surroundings and your whims catered for. This is the Infinite Lifestyle concept from Ikos Resorts.

Ikos Resorts is a new hospitality company that creates and develops a collection of contemporary Greek resorts, based on the exciting concept of Infinite Lifestyle. The platform is a result of a joint effort of Oaktree Capital Management, a leading global asset management firm and Sani SA.

At Ikos Resorts, we envision to offer an outstanding customer experience, based on unparalleled operational excellence, exceptional hospitality talent, great teamwork and innovative approach. We are currently looking in building outstanding teams which will embody a high performance, customer-centric culture, through selection of the right talent.