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Who we are

MedNet International is a unique Information Technology company.

We  are specialists in Health Insurance and since 1992 we have been exclusively developing and implementing innovative IT software solutions worldwide.

We are a member of Munich Re with global healthcare know-how in primary insurance, reinsurance and risk-management. This gives us access to more than 5,000 experts at 26 locations who provide input to our solutions.

We enhance  our sophisticated software solutions with a range of quality professional  services that enable our customers to maximize the return on their information  technology investments. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards  of customer service and we strive to establish long-lasting partnerships with  each and every customer.
Our Values

  • Customer First.  We work closely with the customers, aiming to offer unique  solutions that help them to achieve competitive advantage and long lasting value.
  • Innovation. We hold ourselves alert to new ideas. Every day our deep business knowledge meets leading edge technology  for the transformation of customer needs into new ultimate solutions.
  • Commitment. We assume responsibility for  safeguarding  the IT investments of our customers and we are determined to deliver the best results.
  • Team Spirit. We truly believe in synergy and everything about information systems, solutions and services is a joint effort.
Our People
At MedNet International, people are our most important asset. Their business knowledge, technical expertise and individual abilities are the foundation of our success. Progress and innovation happen when employees are respected and able to grow with the business.

We encourage our people to take initiative, acquire knowledge and learn new skills. We provide them a safe working environment with all the means to carry out their work effectively. We assist them to identify their strengths and to advance personally and professionally.

At MedNet International, employees are able to create their own career development plan and we support their personal and professional growth.
Working for MedNet International
Working in a challenging environment of technology and innovation, your ideas will be valued, your creativity will be appreciated; and your desire to exceed expectations will be reinforced through constant learning in a supportive atmosphere.

We employ people of all cultural backgrounds and we base employment and related decisions upon individual qualifications, experience, skills and performance. In MedNet International you will be encouraged to be yourself while being part of a dynamic team of highly experienced professionals even from the very beginning of your career.
What we Offer
At MedNet International we do not offer you just a job but an exciting career opportunity.

  • Joining our successful team offers you:
  • Challenging work with leading-edge technology
  • Opportunity to participate in international projects
  • Excellent work environment with on the job support, professional development and a variety of learning opportunities.
  • Early responsibility and freedom to express and test your ideas.
  • Recognition and reward for your effort, contribution, creative thinking and performance.
  • Work-life balance
Contact us
MedNet International Ltd.
95-97 Kifisias Avenue
151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 213 0104800
Fax: +30  210 8064580
Web address: